Baggage testing a mid-motor sporting activities auto or supercar can be a worthless endeavor. In many circumstances, the trunk is just way too tiny for a right suitcase. But the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is not your typical mid-motor sporting activities auto.

Corvette owners have experienced a roomy cargo location at the rear of them for a very long time, but the C8 has flipped the script. With an motor at the rear of the driver, the rear cargo ability is significantly lessened. However, it has a new top secret weapon way too: the frunk.

Combined, the trunk and frunk are fantastic for twelve.6 cubic-ft of storage. That is just 2.four cubes down from the C7’s fifteen cubic-ft of area. Quantities are inclined to fall short at telling the complete story, though, which is why we made the decision to break out the suitcases. We’ve already seen the photos from Chevy (below) with a established of golfing luggage neatly tucked into the trunk. They fit, so no need to fear about offering up golfing with your C8 obtain.

I’ll be employing the common luggage in our exam: Two carry-on suitcases sized (24 inches very long, fifteen.5 vast, ten deep) one carry-on suitcase (21.7L x 13.7W x nine D) one medium-measurement suitcase you have to check out (24.5L x 16.8W x 11.5D) and one bigger, total-measurement suitcase (33.8L x 21.5W x 13D).

I begun with the frunk. It seems deep at first, but that is fairly deceptive. The front edge is lower, which usually means you cannot stack suitcases. One carry-on suitcase matches, but there is no way a 2nd suitcase could squeeze in there future to it. The surface area location of the flooring is another limiting issue. Alternatively of laying it flat on its back again, I experienced to insert the suitcase sideways. If the flooring location were being bigger, two carry-ons laid on their back again would’ve fit — they do in the Porsche 911.

As an example of the peak limitations for suitcases, I stuck the medium measurement suitcase in the only way it’ll go. This one doesn’t fit at all, towering significantly earlier mentioned the frunk’s edges. I’ll also take note that I experienced zero trouble with this Corvette’s frunk procedure. Chevy has despatched out an update to change how it opens by means of the important fob. It went from two speedy presses, to one speedy push and one very long maintain. 

Then, I circled back again to the trunk. Chevy hyped the trunk up a ton when the Corvette debuted. You can inform that designers prioritized area about a svelte shape for the rear of the auto, as style has experienced for the more cargo room. Its shape is peculiar, and there are tons of tough items jutting out that limit what you can pack. The in general depth is good, but you can only fit some weird odds and finishes down in the crevasse that extends even deeper than the standard trunk flooring. Chevy takes total gain of the Corvette’s vast rear finish and extends the offered trunk area from one side of the auto to the other, way too. That is not the circumstance in every mid-motor supercar.

So, how about some suitcases? I stuck two of the carry-on suitcases in finish-to-finish … and that was it. They barely fit peak-wise, but there is sufficient room for them on both side. Tiny gaps in amongst, on the sides and less than the suitcases could maintain tiny things, but you confident are not having another suitcase in there. Both the medium and total-measurement suitcases are way too tall to fit. The lesson for new Corvette owners here? Make investments in some high-quality carry-on suitcases for any very long highway trips, because that is all you’ll be fitting in both of those the frunk and trunk of the auto. 

A few suitcases are lots for a auto that only retains two individuals, but do take take note that you will not be able to remove the roof if you use any portion of the trunk. The roof panel matches snugly back again there in a couple mounting factors. It is straightforward more than enough to unlatch, carry and established into the trunk by yourself. I taken out it and set it back again on the auto at minimum ten situations about my week with the auto. Closing the trunk is a cinch, way too. Just pull down on the awesome seize tackle and swing it shut. If you’ve employed more than enough power, the latch mechanism catches, and it whirs shut electrically.

If you want total impressions on the C8, check out out our current Highway Test and video overview of this precise Speed up Yellow Corvette.

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