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IT WOULD be truthful to say the former era Escape didn’t live up to Ford’s sales hopes in the all-important mid-sized SUV segment, being outsold much more than 9 times in excess of by the Mazda CX-5 and Toyota RAV4 in 2019.


Now nonetheless with the arrival of the most current version, the neighborhood arm of the Blue Oval is hoping steal by itself a even larger slice of Australia’s most preferred segment and be among the the thick of the action.


Sporting a much more modern glance, completely new inside and riding on an all-new platform, the new Escape is available Down Beneath throughout a few trim ranges and with the option of either front- or all-wheel travel.


To see if the new design could hope to keep its have versus the proven course favourites, we put in some time in the foundation ‘Escape’ variant which retails from $35,990 moreover on-highway charges.

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