FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Cars) confirmed this week that it is ending generation of the Grand Caravan and Journey styles after the 2020 model-year. The shift leaves Dodge without having a entrance-wheel-drive loved ones car or truck for the first time because 2008, and without having a minivan for the first time in close to 40 many years.

The present-day era of the Grand Caravan dates back again to 2008. The minivan was offered a big revision in 2011, particularly to its interior, but in recent many years the model’s age was obvious. That was also the circumstance for the Journey, which debuted in 2009. To wit, the automatic transmission bolted to the model’s 4-cylinder engine has 4 gears. 4!

Even now, both equally of these styles had their share of success. Countless people in Canada and the U.S. utilised them for transportation, attracted in part by the reasonable price tag points connected to them.

The conclusion to axe the Grand Caravan and Journey shrinks the Dodge lineup by 40 percent. The lineup, as of 2021, will consist of the Durango SUV, the Charger sedan and the Challenger coupe. Of most fast worry to the firm, the Grand Caravan and Journey together account for 38 percent of the brand’s revenue in 2020 to date.

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Dodge Journey R/T

For FCA, it’s true that purchasers will have the alternative of going with Chrysler’s Pacifica, obtainable in quite a few versions which include below the new Voyager title, basically a stripped-down edition of the Pacifica aimed at price range-minded individuals. It is this model that is the non secular successor to the Grand Caravan.

Enjoyment/disconcerting point: Amongst FCA’s banners, only Jeep features additional than 4 styles in its lineup. All of the company’s other brands (Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, Ram and Alfa Romeo) characteristic 4 or fewer…

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