Other than the Mazda six, the new CX-5 SUV is scheduled to arrive early in 2023 sporting the exact same inline-six and RWD structure, which confirms an previously rumor about the well known crossover. Nonetheless, we hope it to be presented with an AWD possibility as very well. Beneath the CX-5 is the up coming CX-three, which should be launched in June 2022. It will also make use of SkyActiv-X technological know-how but using a scaled-down, 1.5-liter motor.

In addition to a few early renderings, we don’t know just what these models will search like still. What is for sure is that the new engines and the changeover to RWD on much larger models will distinguish Mazda from its purely natural rivals and have the likes of BMW shifting a bit a lot more uncomfortably in its seat than just before.