Toyota has set up a dedicated facility to build the new Yaris

Toyota has established up a devoted facility to make the new Yaris

Toyota has started generation of its GR Yaris “homologation special” hatchback at a new Toyota Gazoo Racing facility in Japan.

The product reaches Europe and the Uk this autumn.

The automaker said a return to sporting activities car generation gave engineers the prospect to redesign the assembly method precisely for the car formulated instantly from the company’s championship-successful achievements in global rallying.

Toyota Gazoo Racing has established a new generation centre devoted to creating its automobiles, inside of the Motomachi factory.

The facility residences a sequence of unique assembly cells, related by automated guided automobiles (AGVs) alternatively than conveyors. This method of doing work enables generation of remarkably rigid sporting activities automobiles bodies and assembly to a higher degree of accuracy – complicated to obtain on conventional, large quantity lines.

Toyota Gazoo Racing has recruited remarkably skilled ‘takumi’ experts “renowned for their remarkable craftsmanship” (Lexus describes takumi as “the optimum degree of artisan in Japan”) from in the course of the firm. They will contribute to instruction personnel at the GR factory and other Toyota amenities.

The GR Yaris is built on a new system and powered by a new 1.six-litre three-cylinder turbo engine creating 257bhp and 360Nm of torque with all wheel drive. It weighs 1,280kg and can speed up from -100km/h (62mph) in 5.5 seconds, its maker claimed.