In the online video, Stephenson had cost-free rein to create a fashionable Maserati racer and is keen to place out that the MC12 was a lot a lot more than a copy of the Enzo Ferrari, starting up with its very extended overall body which was based about managing the airflow. He information the variations in building a race motor vehicle relative to a purely road-going motor vehicle as he sketches, which points out the MC12’s proportions.

The spectacular strakes on the hood, the moment once more, had been functionally essential yet finished up becoming one particular of the MC12’s most distinctive visible aspects. He also goes on to say that if a thing performs very well, it will generally glance fantastic, and because just about every element of the MC12’s overall body was created about producing the ideal achievable race motor vehicle, it really is very little wonder that visually it still left these types of a solid effect.